Mercari Jewelry Making Bead Haul

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

This type of jewelry was created for those who have sensitive skin and an allergy towards nickel jewelry. Some do not even realize they have an allergy towards nickel jewelry until they wear some that has it in it and the next day they have an ugly rash. Instances of this occurring are increasing and instead of treating the rash, you need to treat the problem. This can be done by using hypoallergenic jewelry. This jewelry does not use harmful alloys, specifically nickel.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Jewelry Online

Online shopping is easy but if you’re not being smart about it, it can easily become a nightmare. Here are 5 tips that’ll help you shop for jewelry online with remarkable ease.

Diamonds and Marquise Cuts With Fascinating History and and Enchanting Present

Diamonds and marquise cut is an exquisite combination. It is playful, elegant and unparalleled in beauty. An elongated oval shape and two pointed ends look sophisticated on one hand and playful on the other.

How Diamonds Became the Stone for Engagement

For years, diamonds have been used as the stone for engagement rings. The reason why is a story that dates back as far as the Roman Empire.

Engagement Rings Gurus Share the Most Common Marriage Proposal Mistakes

Proposing to your partner sure is exciting. The exhilaration and anxiety that comes with this decision are inevitable. According to engagement rings experts, it should be so, because this is going to be a memorable moment – one that both of you will remember and repeat forever.

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