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Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

Part of taking care of jewelry is to keep it clean. Just like anything else you own, you will need to whatever you can to make sure you are maintaining it.

All About Diamond Rings

Diamond rings carry a lot of meaning and tradition. They can represent the start of a relationship or can be an heirloom that is passed on for generations.

Three Things to Be Aware of When Buying an Engagement Ring

Everyone is nervous when they decide to take that next step in a relationship. All the thoughts going through your mind can be overwhelming, not to mention trying to find the perfect engagement ring.

The Most Famous Diamonds

Men may come and men go, but diamonds stay forever. Diamonds are not only girl’s best friends, but men’s too. Their sparkler has hynotized both sexes. Here is a list of the most famous diamonds.

Yellow Versus White Gold

Ever wonder why some gold is white and some is yellow? White gold is very popular in jewelry nowadays, but most people think of gold as having a traditional yellow color. Find out where gold gets its color from and why, as well as the effect on its value.

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