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Creating Your Own Custom Design Jewelry

Custom jewelry came into the modern age thanks to the one thing that makes everybody’s lives easier: computers. Specifically, it was the creation of computer aided design programs that let the jeweler and the customer look at a three dimensional image of the desired jewelry in just a matter of moments.

October Birthstones

Would you believe that October has two birthstones? I never knew that. It just goes to show you, that you learn something new every day. I always knew the opal was one, because my mom’s birthday is in October, in fact my sister and my husband’s birthday is in October. God help me, all these Libra’s.

5 Things You Should Know About Wedding Rings

Are you planning a wedding and looking for wedding rings? Here are a few facts you should know about them: Custom Of Giving Wedding Rings Began In Ancient Egypt Wedding rings have been used for thousands of years to confirm union of two people. The custom began in ancient Egypt where the rings were given as the last thing from a series of gifts traditionally given as betrothal gifts. Although, the ring is used in the same way today, ring styles have changed over the years. Currently, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Wedding Ring

Are you planning of buying a wedding ring? You need to consider a number of factors in order to buy the right ring. Here are some of the factors that you should consider: Style There are many styles of wedding rings that you can go with. Some of the popular ones include: Jewish: a traditional Jewish wedding ring is a plain, unbroken gold circle that represents a pure and eternal union.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond wedding rings are not only elegant looking, they are also long lasting. For you to buy the right ring you need to consider a number of factors: Style Diamond ring styles vary from plain to elaborate and are based on the number of factors such as: diamonds in the ring, type of diamond setting and the ring’s thickness. Some of the common ring styles include:

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