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Black Diamonds: Everything You Need To Know

From reds to pinks, yellows and blues; beautiful gems are available in every colour. Whether diamonds or tanzanite’s, whether an engagement ring or a beautiful pair of earrings we know that both large brands and the smaller, local jewellers can offer quality pieces of jewellery without a problem. There is something however that does always seem to crop up here and there; black diamonds.

How to Purchase Diamonds Online

You may think buying diamonds on the Internet would be risky, but it is actually very safe. Here are some tips to make sure your transaction is secure and you get exactly what you want.

Pendant Jewellery Trends to Amp Up Your Outfit

Necklaces have gotten a lot of attention this year and are back being the favorite accessory! A chunky collar, a trendy bib or pendant necklace is all you need to turn a boring laid back outfit into a fashion-statement.

White Gold Engagement Rings – The Modern Choice

As a choice for bridal jewellery and engagement rings, white gold is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. White gold engagement rings appeal because the rhodium plating required to finish them not only creates a hard covering that resists scratches and dents, but it also allows the beauty of the gemstone to sparkle brighter. White gold is an amalgam of gold and an alloy – originally nickel and palladium.

Non Traditional and Unusual Engagement Rings

As a result of the “geek” wedding craze, there are more and more non-traditional engagements. Take a look at ten unusual engagement rings we’ve found.

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