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How to Care for Tungsten Jewelry

If you own a piece of tungsten jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet, a necklace, or a ring, then you’re not alone. A lot of people today are opting to buy tungsten jewelry instead of the usual gold and silver, largely because tungsten is one of the strongest, hardest metals used in making jewellery today. If you’ve got a piece made from tungsten, you can expect it to stay polished and in pristine shape far longer than your gold and silver items.

Movado Bold Line of Watches From the Movado Watch Company

Movado has numerous collections designed for the watch lovers. The Movado Bold line of watches depicts style and class.

Great Tips On How To Choose Jewelry For Your Wardrobe

Not all of us realize how functional accessories can be.Have you been thinking of finding out more information about diamond jewelry? Then read this article to find out more!

How to Pick the Perfect Jewellery Gift for a Loved One

Jewellery is worn by men and women all over the world, and it will make the perfect gift for birthdays, specials events, wedding anniversaries, or for when you just want to show someone how much you love them. With so many different styles of jewellery out there, it can be a hard task knowing what to pick.

Ashoka Diamonds: A History of Beauty

When it comes to beauty, elegance, and a rich history, there is nothing else in the world like an Ashoka cut diamond. These diamonds, which are among some of the rarest on the planet, have a history that is as unique as their cut and appearance. When the time comes to choose a diamond that represents the love that one person has for another, the Ashoka has been the choice of celebrities and other famous people all over the world.

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