Potomac Beads Best Bead Box XL August 2022 Opening

Blue Spinel: The Less Known Star of Blue Engagement Rings

Many people assume all blue engagement rings are sapphires. However, it might just be a blue spinel.

How to Shop for Emerald Engagement Rings

There are a lot of things to consider when buying an engagement ring. Learn what to look for when shopping for emerald engagement rings in the article below.

Wallis Simpson’s Emerald Engagement Ring

Although not as often as with diamonds, an emerald engagement ring can also spark a fairytale story, as Wallis Simpson’s tale proves. Read more about it below.

Wedding Rings: Keeping It Together the Day of Your Wedding

You are planning the wedding of your dreams and you could not be more excited! Your every moment is consumed with this event and, although you are excited for the planning to be over, you cannot help but worry a little about the big day.

The Trendiest Celtic Jewelry Items

Today, the Celtic jewelry pieces are among the most fashionable accessories for women and men alike. At the same time, they have a long history and deep symbolism. There are many different pieces to pick from and each one has its own character and beauty. You can make the best choice by checking out the most hip designs.

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