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How to Make Money Selling Jewelry Made Out of Plastic Beads

Many people enjoy making their own jewelry as a personal hobby, and they have noticed that their friends and family have even requested that they make items for them to wear as well. If you have ever been in this situation, then the chances are that you will have asked yourself whether it is actually possible to make money out of your hobby. The answer is yes, it is possible to make money out of almost anything, including selling jewelry made out of plastic beads, as long as you have the required passion and drive, and a little bit of business sense about you.

Two Simple Projects With Fantastic Jewelry Wire

Jewelry wire is an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry making equipment, and is one which no serious jewelry maker should do without. If you have recently bought a fresh spool of jewelry wire, and you are feeling at all creative, you may be interested in trying out some new projects.

How Does Mining Loose Diamonds Work?

There are many diamond mines all over the world. Most of these mines are commercial mines and are closed to the public. There is one last public mine in the United States where you pay a fee and mine yourself.

From Cavemen to Gentlemen – A History of Engagement Rings

Today women expect a large, glittering diamond set atop a golden band when their fella pops the question, but it wasn’t always so. Through the millennia, there has always been a practice of claiming your mate, from cave men to today’s proper gentleman, but the engagement rings given weren’t always luxurious. Not exactly known for their debonair mannerisms or gifting fine jewelry, cavemen had a simple way to claim “unh, woman, mine, ug”.

What Types of Stylist Pandora Glass Beads Are Available?

If you are creating a luxurious bead bracelet for yourself, there are lots of different options available to you, to help you to create a bracelet which is completely unique to you. When you are choosing your materials, you will have to choose whether to buy beads which are metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabric, rubber or even shell, and what sort of material you want to use in order to keep the beads together.

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