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An Overview of Investing in Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are well-known for their tendency to retain their value as time passes and this is why they are regarded as a splendid investment. The exchange of diamond engagement rings has become more of a tradition during engagement ceremonies, which has resulted in a consistent increase in the demand of these gem stones. Even though a slowdown in business is being experienced by many industries due to the recession, but this is not the case with diamonds.

The Biggest Gems in the World

Imagine having a diamond the size of your fist, or a ruby bigger than a baseball! The biggest gems in the world are legendary for their size, weight, and value. Some are intact and others have been cut and polished or broken into smaller stones. While no one will likely be using them to make new custom jewelry, these gems are unique and have fascinating histories.

All That Jazz: Jazz Age Jewelry for 2013

If you’re looking ahead to the 2013 fashion season to get an early start on trendy custom jewelry, there are three simple words you should remember: Jazz Age Jewelry. Vintage jewelry is back, hotter and more exquisite than ever. There will be a lot of options for your custom jewelry, with elegant designs guaranteed to take your breath away. Everything from bridal pieces to cocktail rings will highlight the trend, so prepare to pamper yourself with some beautiful, luxurious accessories in fashionable vintage styles.

How To Outshine the Crowd on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to plan your effortless yet dazzling outfit. Whether you’re going to a club with friends or a formal gala, you want to be picture perfect, right? Flaunting your custom jewelry this New Year’s Eve will ensure you sparkle and exhibit a flawless fashion sense that will have everyone talking. When you have unique pieces of custom jewelry, there’s no reason to settle for wearing the same teardrop earrings everyone else will be wearing. So, showcase your beauty and style with luxurious jewelry that follows the trends below to make you stand out from the crowd.

Ways to Overcome Shortcomings of Purchasing Diamond Rings Online

Engagement is a very special occasion in one’s life which determines almost the rest of that person’s life. To symbolize the significance of such a huge day, a diamond ring is presented to the loved one.

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