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Engagement Ring Designs: 3 “Don’ts” on the Road to “I Do”

There’s nothing more gratifying than kneeling down to pop the question and hearing those two words that will change your life forever: “I will”. By contrast, there’s nothing worse than hearing “I’ll pass”, so here are three critical rules for engagement ring designs to avoid a nightmare with the woman of your dreams. The major diamond manufacturers spend a fortune to convince us that diamonds are the only option for engagement ring designs.

Engagement Ring Designs: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Ignorance may be bliss in some circles, but in the world of engagement ring designs, or any rings for that matter, ignorance is anything but blissful. Even if you’ve done some preliminary research before hitting the jewelry store circuit, there are three aspects of engagement ring designs that can still throw you for a loop.

How To Make Some Basic Jewelry Findings

Jewelry Findings are a very important part of jewelry, because they are the part of the piece which keeps the whole thing together. The term “jewelry findings” can actually be used to describe a whole range of things, including eye pins, jump rings, and clasps. They may be as simple as a piece of metal with a loop on one end, or they may be much more complex, such as the brilliant lobster claw clasp.

Open Up Your Heart With a Special Diamond Ring – Steer Clear of Online Shopping Blunders

Marriage is a special event of your life – one that you’ll cherish for the remaining days of your life. Hence, buying the perfect engagement ring is as essential as choosing the best wedding dress or hairstyle.

Finding an Engagement Ring

True love runs deep and does not come cheap. If you have decided to spend your life with the person you love, you need to get a good engagement ring which is often the most important piece of jewelry a man buys within his lifetime. Rings are of different kinds, shapes, colors and designs. A superb ring is not something you simply pick out randomly, instead, it takes you a lot of efforts to get a perfect piece. So here are some tips for you to choose an engagement ring.

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