Simple Braid Kumihimo Bracelet (Jewelry Making) Off the Beaded Path

Your Guide to Finding a Quality Jeweller

If you are looking to purchase jewellery, then it is likely that you will want assurances in relation to who you are purchasing from. The following information has been put together to offer a guide to finding a quality jeweller and how to get the best from their service.

Why You Really Need a Titanium Pendant in Summer

Are there are any favorite accessories of yours particularly? While you have favorites in the clothes section, fabric and prints, you certainly have some jewelry favorites as well. Summer’s best aspect is the trends that are timeless and these go well with the hot and sultry season.

Why Lightweight Diamond Jewellery Rocks For Modern Women

Lightweight designer diamond jewellery is highly in demand these days and the main reason behind this popularity growing far is the first word of this sentence. Have a glimpse at the obvious reasons why you love it too!

Top Myths About Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring is a huge investment. If you’re planning to buy one, read this article and find out the top myths about buying a diamond engagement ring.

Fighting the Green Monster In Your Jewelry Box: Caring For Your Costume Jewelry

Do you remember the morning you picked out your favorite fashion jewelry accessories and you noticed that it looked dingy and discolored? Yeah, me too. For lovers of costume jewelry, this is sadly a very common occurrence and until you learn how to properly care for costume jewelry, you’ll continue to lose your beautiful fashion accessories to the green monster that lives in your jewelry box. So here are a few things you should keep in mind when caring for your favorite costume jewelry.

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