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History of the Solitaire Engagement Ring

Like many other types of rings surmounted by precious jewels, the solitaire engagement ring has a history behind it. Learn about it here.

Diamond Rings – For an Eternal Shine

While buying a diamond ring, check for cut, shape, color, clarity, carat weight and certification for a legitimate buy as these are the important parameters. The shape of diamonds can be round, princess, radiant, etc. with a sparkling cut as a diamond’s worth lies in its cut. More sharper the cut, merrier the shine. Each ring is made with a fine detailing with a variety of stones attached to the ring along with the glitz of the diamond. Diamonds are mostly colorless with clarity indicated by comparatively less imperfections. As for the weight, check the same in terms of carat and then, go for it. Choose the right size as these are precious jewellery and one cannot afford to lose it.

With Wedding Bands Come Some Problems

When it comes to wedding bands and wedding bells, people often have mixed feelings about the holy union between two people. Some people think marriage is a government scam, while others believe it is the most beautiful thing two people could share with one another.

When Not to Wear Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Yes, you love your diamond engagement ring. But that is exactly why you should remove it when engaging in one of these activities.

Will a Diamond Engagement Ring Still ‘Cut The Mustard’?

There used to be a time when a diamond engagement ring was enough to secure the ‘yes’. But is that still true?

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