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Everything You Need to Know About 5 Stone Diamond Rings

Diamonds are 99.9% pure carbon and can only be formed at an extremely high pressure in specific conditions. Like other minerals, the formation process is a totally natural and cannot be influenced by man. But what is it about diamonds that make them so special? They continue to be the single most coveted precious stone in the world.

All About Diamond Fluorescence

Diamonds are lovely when set into jewelry and other adornments, yet we sometimes forget that they are a naturally formed crystals originally formed deep within the earth’s mantle. Some diamonds fluoresce and this characteristic can lead to some interesting characteristics about our favorite gemstone.

Working With Gold Buyers

There is a negative stigma attached to the practice of getting cash for gold. This is understandable, considering how commonplace it is for shady businesses to offer seemingly large sums of money for gold products, when in reality their appraisals are both unfair and unprofessional. Unfortunately, this has all but fully tainted the public’s perception of the practices of companies who buy gold.

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

Beyond any doubt, diamonds are the most precious and hardest stones known to mankind. Though diamonds are very expensive, people crave for it because they symbolize eternal love. It is a well-known fact that diamonds are durable and everlasting. However, one should take proper care to retain the sheen and brilliance.

The Guide To Buying Diamonds

Diamond jewelry make the perfect gift on numerous occasions for the special people in your life. Diamond for men would mean cuff links and studs, while for women, they include ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. The list is endless. There are certain things that you should know before buying diamonds. Here is a small guide to help you before you go shopping for diamonds.

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