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Choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting experience. Follow these simple steps to ensure you buy the ring of her dreams.

Wedding Rings for Men – How to Find a Ring He Will Love

A bride’s diamond ring isn’t the only main attraction anymore. These days, men now have multiple designer options in a wedding band they will wear for eternity.

What Is GIA Certification?

If you are just starting the process of learning about gems and stones (particularly diamonds), you may end up asking yourself “What is GIA Certification?” When a diamond is GIA certified, it means the gemstone has been through a complete and thorough inspection to determine its value and quality. There is a specific and rigorous process that is carefully followed when the diamond clarity is being rated.

From Classic and Timeless, to Trendy and Fashionable: Engagement Ring Designs She’ll Surely Love

More than just a symbol of wanting to commit to a lifetime of love, engagement rings should also be able to reflect the bride and groom’s personalities to remind them of what made them fall in love with each other in the first place. They must also be trendy and fashionable so here are some ideas on engagement ring designs to ensure the ring you present gets worn on her finger and not thrown back in your face.

Choosing the Best Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

As the second most popular type of diamond cut, there is no denying the appeal princess-cut diamond rings have on brides-to-be. Classic, timeless and always in style, the princess-cut diamond will always rule as an engagement ring favorite so read on to find out a little bit about its history and how to buy the best ring for the best lady in your life.

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