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Common Styles Of Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are one of the most elegant units in the market. In addition to being elegant, they also come in different styles thus giving you a wide range of options. The main styles are: Box – A box chain is made up of connected square links that are similar to overlapping boxes. The good side with this style is that it’s smooth and elegant. You can hang pendants and charms or wear it as a short style. While most of the units in this style are thin, there are thicker versions that are usually strong and durable.

Engagement Rings – Choosing Between A Three Stone Or Classic Solitaire

When choosing an engagement ring, there are many factors to consider and they range from the type of metal to the size and type of the stone. A diamond engagement ring is every bride’s dream and there are many styles to suit everyone’s taste. When choosing the stone, factors like the cut, carat, color and clarity are basic, but now people are exploring other issues like the choice between a Classic solitaire and a 3-Stone ring.

The Evolution behind your Engagement Ring Cut

There is currently a wide variety of engagement ring cuts, including cushion, emerald, marquise, round brilliant, pear and princess cut. However, the history of the evolution of the cutting of diamonds and other gemstones is an interesting one and may even help you decide on your own engagement ring cut. The early history of diamonds is a bit of a mystery, although they were certainly known and worn by the Romans.

The Best Engagement Ring Cut for Your Sapphire

There are no standard ‘ideal’ cuts for sapphires, unlike diamonds and their famous round cut; instead, each individual sapphire must be custom cut in order to help the finished gemstone display the best colour and brilliance. The engagement ring cut for a sapphire is a lot more complicated than it is for diamonds due to the broad variety of sapphires’ colours, each with its own unique properties. As a result there is no standardisation of sapphire cuts, and jewellers usually set their own standards when it comes to the cut.

The Fascinating History Behind an Engagement Ring Cut

As an engagement ring cut, the marquise is not as popular as the princess cut or round brilliant – although it did see a rise in popularity between the 1960s and 1980s – but there are many who admire this traditional yet sophisticated look. The marquise diamond actually has an interesting history, as the inspiration for this singular cut apparently dates all the way back to the French Renaissance. The marquise cut was first said to appear in Paris in the middle of the 18th century under the rule of King Louis XV.

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