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Luxury Jewelry for Everyday Style

When most people think of luxury jewelry, the first thing that comes to their minds is usually diamonds – lots and lots of diamonds. But it is important to remember that while a diamond is a girl’s best friend, there are lots of other stones in her inner circle, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and garnets.

The Parents’ Guide to Teething Jewellery

The process of teething can be an uncomfortable and even painful one in the life of a baby. When baby teething begins, it will usually last at least a few months until all of the infant’s teeth have broken the surface of the skin.

Creating Custom Jewelry for Your Engagement

There is nothing more unique than a custom piece of jewelry conjured up from an individual’s imagination and tastes. You can spend all day browsing the internet or visiting jewelry shops, but you’ll never really find a necklace or ring that is truly and uniquely you unless you create one yourself.

Engagement Rings From Vintage To Modern

You get one chance to ask THE question. How will you do it? Where? What ring will you use? Engagement rings are as momentous as the occasion they are given. Only one opportunity, and only one ring, will forever mark this occasion for the rest of your lives. Which will you choose?

Loose Diamonds Found While Mining

Many loose diamonds can still be found all over the world. Most mines are not open to the general public because what they are mining is so incredibly valuable. Wars and revolts have been started over diamonds.

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