Solitaire Ring (Jewelry Making) Retro-Redo

Cliche or Tradition?

How did he propose? This is the most frequently asked question of every bride-to-be; remember this when coming up with proposal ideas. The way in which you pop the question will follow you around for years; get it wrong and you will have to hear about it over and over.

Matching Gems With Eye Colours

Give your fiance a gift with a personal touch. Match the colour of her eyes to your stone – a sapphire engagement ring offsets blazing blue eyes.

Make Your Fiancee Feel Like An Ancient Chinese Empress

When one thinks of luxurious beauty and sophistication, especially in the realm of art, one of the first places the mind wanders to is China. Over the centuries, the world’s most populous nation has made a name for itself in most artistic fields, including porcelain art and, indeed, jewellery. In this particular field, the leading Asian nation has several millennia of expertise upon which to lean.

Harry Winston Engagement Rings – An Exclusive Class Of Jewelry

If you are looking for a high end jewelry addition to your proposal then you will be finding nothing better than the Harry Winston engagement rings. These rings are classy, trendy and very luxurious too. It is unlikely that you will be able to take your eyes off these rings.

Blue Diamond Rings – Get Some Bling

Pleasing a woman is a very difficult task. You may believe that she needs to be showered with the most expensive rings so that she may become happy. However, the fact is that women love carefully thought out gifts more than anything else.

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