Southern Belle Ornament

Christmas Stainless Steel Men’s Skull Harley Biker Jewelry Ring

Most of the bikers wear rugged looking jewelry on bike trips and over the years the whole biker jewelry trend becomes edgier. It is an investment that is wearable.

Analyse the Emergence of Jewellery Store in Durgapur and Its Flourishing Future

Jewellery is something that everybody is so fond of. The tradition of wearing jewellery is very old and with the change in time and space, the definition of jewellery has also evolved. From economic point of view jewellery business is a very crucial business to retain in the ever changing competitive market.

How Do You Get The Best College Class Ring?

College class rings are rings usually worn by students and well as alumni in commemoration of their graduation from college. Similar rings can be worn by high school students ad university graduates. With customization being possible today, a class ring can be just as precious as any other ring. Apart from bearing the name of the school, it can have pictures, words and emblems added. You can incorporate your personality into the ring to have one of the most unique pieces you will love wearing.

Diamonds – From The Earth to The Finger

Corporation exercises great control over the supply and distribution of diamonds thus maintaining the price at a high level and an inflated value. Eighty years ago, De Beers Consolidated Mining Corporation of Africa began an advertising phrase. ‘Diamonds are Forever,’ and the rest is history. Diamonds were in use to enhance jewelry as far back as 6,000 years ago. Today nearly all of the diamonds used in the jewelry trade come from the De Beers Corporation.

Seal It With a Kiss & a Diamond

Setting the stage for a romantic proposal could be one of the most nerve-wrecking scenarios in a man’s life. The excitement coupled with the anxiety can be quite stirring, especially when you plan something as a complete surprise.

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