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A Jewellery Guide to the Perfect Wedding

The countless ceremonies and functions leading up to the wedding can be tough and exhausting on a young bride. The months leading up to the wedding are very crucial in prepping and buying everything you need for the biggest day of your life. Most brides get confused in selecting jewellery that match their outfits and end up purchasing something that they are probably going to dislike after a couple of months.

Tips on Finding a Wedding Band for Him

Most women feel men aren’t fond of jewellery. But that is not true and it is just a misconception. In fact, men are very much aware of the changing trends in fashion and jewellery.

The Four C’s and Cheap Engagement Rings

When you hear talk about affordable engagement rings, you always hear about the four C’s Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Do you know what they mean? Do you know the differences to look for and which “C” is of highest importance when it comes to the value of a diamond?

Pair the Perfect Earrings With Your Hair-Do!

Imagine an attractive woman in a gorgeous red sari at a formal dinner party. She has her hair made up in a French twist and accessorized with gold jewellery. Add to this picture, a huge pair of appalling cosmetic dangler.

How to Check the Quality of Silver Jewellery

Silver has been valued as a precious commodity for thousands of years because of its physical and chemical properties. It is very ductile, malleable and has a brilliant metallic shine when polished so it is highly valued by craftsmen in many trades. Whilst silver is used in mirrors, conductors, photographic films and currency, it is also used to create more refined items such as ornaments and silver jewellery. Because of this, silver is thought of as a good investment.

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