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The Armenian Jewelry Industry – An Introduction

The country of Armenia has a rich, fascinating, and sometimes tragic history. This article discusses the development of the jewelry industry in Armenia and how ancient Armenian jewelry patterns are still in use today.

Amazing Engagement Rings: Choose One That Takes Her Breath Away

Once you have decided to pop the question, the next order of business is choosing the engagement ring that will adorn your beloved’s finger. You might be scratching your head wondering which ring to choose when there are so many styles, colors, and shapes available. After all, this is a life-changing event you are embarking on and it is important to make your girlfriend feel extra special.

Taking the Plunge: Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Online shopping for almost anything under the sun is a booming trend in the current economy. From groceries to new pajamas, you can virtually purchase anything, and this includes engagement rings.

Designer Engagement Rings and Their Many Styles

Choosing an engagement ring for the one you love is a huge deal because it is a profession of your love and commitment. Making sure you pick the right style is imperative.

How to Design the Perfect Custom Made Wedding Ring

One of the greatest aspects of the jewelry industry today is the ability to customize pieces according to your unique specifications, specifically, wedding and engagement rings. If you are the type of person who hates having anything that is the same as someone else, a custom-made ring is the right option for you. Nothing says, “I Do” as a wedding ring packed with personality does.

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