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The World’s Most Valuable Stones

The hope diamond, also known as Le bleu de France is believed to have originated in India from the Kollur mine in the seventeenth century. It is said that the french merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier purchased this extraordinary blue violet stone from a slave between the years 1640 and 1667. He then sold it to king Louis X1V of France in 1668 where it then became known as the ” French Blue “.

Why it’s a Good Time to Buy Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is part of our culture. Diamonds are a symbol of wealth, status and they have even come to represent commitment and love in the form of a wedding ring. Since the time it has been discovered, no other jewelery has had an equally enriching history as the diamonds. If we look back in time, in a few civilizations only the nobles were the privileged few who were allowed to wear diamonds. Don’t you think because of this prevailing exclusivity of the diamond in history, it is still a much valued stone? Having royal blood may not be a requirement now, but nevertheless a good diamond can still cost a huge sum.

Why You Can’t Sell Your Tungsten Ring

When it comes to getting rid of old gold or silver jewelry, most people know it is quite simple. There are jewelry stores, pawn shops, and even stores that solely exist to buy people’s unwanted gold items. However, people are often surprised to find out it is quite difficult to sell or pawn their tungsten or titanium jewelry. In fact, it is probably easier to find someone that buys cardboard boxes or an old plastic bottle, than it is to find someone that wants one’s old tungsten jewelry.

Top Reasons To Choose Fashion Jewellery

Many fashion forward people of today are looking for cost-effective accessories to add to their wardrobes. Even the people in the fashion industry are going for more reasonably priced pieces to accessorize and to add ‘bling’ to their collections. If you have a good eye for design and style, but hate paying a high price, then it is only imperative to choose fashion jewellery online.

Three Important Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

You’ve decided to take that next step and ask her to be your wife. Now you’re faced with the other next step and find that perfect ring for your perfect girl. This can be a daunting and stressful process but it doesn’t have to be! The engagement ring is incredibly important but don’t be intimidated.

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