Waxed Cord Bracelets (Jewelry Making) Off the Beaded Path

Saying It With Diamond Pendants

Maybe overdoing it a little but most women go weak in the knees over diamond jewelry. Whether it is a diamond pendant or a beautiful pair of earrings to mark a special occasion, it can get a little overwhelming.

Diamond Jewelry: Combining Luxury and Style

Diamonds are the status symbol, not since decades but from centuries and possessing a distinct diamond jewelry design is not less than owning pride in the form of jewel. Finding these luxurious designs of diamond jewelry online is not a difficult job nowadays.

Durgapur Is Proving Itself a Good Marketplace for the Jewellery Business

The jewellery business of Durgapur depends on the customers aka the people of Durgapur and their purchasing power. For the last few years, Durgapur has become a great market for the jewellery business people due to certain factors.

5 Incredibly Useful Handmade Men’s Jewelry Tips for Small Business

Setting up a small business is fraught with risks because the incubation period is long and survival is difficult in a market that is competitive in the extreme. One can invest a lot and get very little in return when one ventures into business or even end up losing everything.

Silver Jewelry Trends That Are Never Out of the Trend

Sterling silver is in the forefront of fashion trends. This is the hottest trend and is regarded to be the must-have jewelry. There are wonderful options with respect to sterling silver and it also continues to be the popular choice with jewelry styles in each season.

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