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Jewellery Shopping Tips for Petite Women

When women shop for jewellery in a local or online jewellery store, they take several factors into account. However, most of them fail to regard their figure, which is one of the main fashion deciding aspects. It is highly advisable that you choose gold or diamond jewellery based on your physique that include petite, plus and tall sizes.

Selling Diamonds: High Value Shipping Options

Are you considering selling a diamond to a diamond broker located far from home? Selling diamonds often requires shipping your precious gemstones to out-of-town brokers for evaluation before the deal can be sealed.

Cheap Engagement Rings – What to Avoid

Looking for cheap engagement rings? Here are a few things to avoid in your quest for affordability.

Pendants Make a Bold Statement

To a woman looking to start a jewelry collection, or a man seeking a gift for his lady, the jewelry world can seem vast and impenetrable. With infinite variations and infinite designs, it’s difficult to know where to begin. The safest bet is to go with the humble pendant. It’s been part of human life for millennia, and is still the most popular style the world over. Description of the history of pendants and a summary of the different styles available.

Wearing Jewellery – Reasons Behind It

Have you ever wondered why jewellery is worn? Actually, there are various reasons behind it. Wearing jewellery dates back to thousands of years.

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