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The Rising Popularity of Canadian Diamonds

It was first discovered that diamonds could be mined in Canada during the late 1990’s. The growth in diamond production since then has been nothing short of spectacular. Canada is now the third largest producer of diamonds after Botswana and Russia.

Things to Look for While Shopping for Engagement Rings

Shopping for engagement rings doesn’t have to be an all-consuming task. Take some time to learn what things you should look for to make sure you get the best quality and price for your jewelry.

A Whole New World of Fashion and Costume Jewelry

Do you love jewelry? We probably know the answer to that – YES! However, with the fast paced life of today, you probably don’t really get many opportunities to flaunt your valuable and expensive jewelry.

Are There Really Any Substitutes for Diamonds?

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. They represent family with heirlooms; they represent love with anniversaries, and they represent tradition.

Cheap Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Be Tacky!

Cheap engagement rings are easy to find and even easy to design yourself. Many would be surprised to know that designing your own ring can actually cost you less than buying a preset ring.

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