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Mayur Collection – Jewellery That Marks Krishna Leela!

When you think of lord Krishna, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is definitely the pranks he played on the people of Gokulam. His mischievous behavior is often compared to the behavior of naughty kids.

Why Platinum Is the Most Preferred Base Metal for Men’s Rings?

Platinum is the rarest metal, hence the most precious of all. This particular metal is frequently seen in mixed metal ores including gold and palladium. Very few mines in the world have platinum in them.

Sport Cocktail Diamond Rings to Get Snap Attention

Cocktail rings were once famous among people involved in illegal activities during the prohibition period in the United States of America. The rings were studded with precious stones including diamonds, rubies and sapphires and were huge in size to symbolize power and wealth. Since these diamond rings were often witnessed at Cocktail parties, they started to be known as Cocktail rings.

Invest on Gold Coins and You Would Never Regret

You would have come across various jargon like “investment strategy”, “Fund allocation”, “financial forecasting” and so on at some point of your life. And most often, this jargon would have been uttered by financial experts who offer advice to common men. This jargon can sometimes be frightening and might remind you that you can go wrong, if you do not choose the right investment option.

What To Look For While Purchasing Wedding Rings Online

A wedding is one of the major events of any individual’s life. People wait for years to get the right life partner with whom they can spend the rest of their lives. Even if you find the right partner, proper planning and execution of the wedding ceremony is equally tough. Purchasing the correct wedding ring for your partner is one of the most important things and you must pay proper attention to the several factors associated with it.

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