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How To Pick Unique Engagement Ring Designers

With so many unique engagement ring designers offering their services, how should you go about picking one? Find a few tips below.

Your Jewelry Deserves Better Care

Jewelry can obviously be scratched, broken, or damaged beyond repair from any sort of trauma or forceful impact. However, jewelry can also be damaged through regular human activities. Activities such as washing your hands or putting on lotion can slowly deteriorate the look and integrity of your jewelry.

Favourite Pieces of World-Famous Unique Engagement Ring Designers

While their dazzling creations and incredible talent catapult them into a realm that is somewhat surreal to the layman, the fact remains that even the most world-renowned unique engagement ring designers are, at the end of the day, only human. As human beings they are influenced by taste, and will of course have certain styles and materials that they favour above all others. A few of those tastes and styles were recently disclosed by a British journalist who is a member of leading periodical The Telegraph’s fashion team, when she interviewed some of the leading jewellers and…

Ethical Jewellery – A Concern for Unique Engagement Ring Designers

Ethical or Fairtrade jewellery is a growing concern for most unique engagement ring designers. Find out more about it below.

How Art Nouveau Is Influencing Unique Engagement Ring Designers

One of the most recent movements influencing unique engagement ring designers is art nouveau. Find out how it inspires designers below.

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