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Debunking Six Myths About Wedding Rings

Does your engagement ring have a unique shape to it? We specialize in creating custom wedding rings that match the contour of your engagement ring and therefore sit snug against it.

Luxury Watches As Ideal Gifts for Women

A tangible object is appreciated by a woman as a gift. Worn-out words like I love you, darling and frequent mumbling in her ear honey… honey etc will not get you anywhere in the women’s kingdom of love. Behavioral scientists have unearthed patterns of gift receiving and giving. Women get more gifts especially diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. Watches are ideal tokens of love. It is especially appropriate for women as they adore having many luxury watches in their wardrobe as fashion accessories to go with their style of attire for extraordinary occasions.

The Story of A Lange Sohne Watches

When it comes to quality in products there is no country which is as famous as Germany is. In A. Lange Sohne watches the German stamp of quality is so unambiguously present that the watches are the ultimate symbols of perfection.

Watches From Space

A watch is great today not because it keeps time, but because of the legends and lore associated with it. Luxury wrist matches fashioned out of meteorite is the ultimate ethereal wear. Thousands of meteorites fall the earth daily but only some of them touch the earth the rest get burned out before they touch the ground.

Car-Themed Watches: Synergy of Cross Marketing

The article explores the intimate relation between wheels and luxury watches. Both were the niche of the rich. Even today the high-end watches and cars certainly the privilege of the rich. Watches have many years of history. However, automobile is an infant. When cars came on the roads the industry noticed the link between cars and watches and many attempts have been made to capitalize on intimate link between the two. This has created a fascinating cross-marketing opportunity.

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