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Considering “Cut” in Sapphire Engagement Rings

What makes sapphire engagement rings sparkle and pop? Discover here what you need to know about a gem’s cut before you make a purchase.

Buying Sapphire Engagement Rings – The Facts

Considering looking at sapphire engagement rings? Then make sure you read the facts, which are detailed below.

The Process of Buying and Giving Engagement Rings

Step one is definitely making sure you have found the right person! Hopefully, you have discussed some important issues, such as children and religion, prior to popping the big question.

Are Natural, Untreated Sapphire Engagement Rings Always Better?

The widespread treatment of sapphires has led to natural, untreated sapphire engagement rings becoming increasingly rare. Which is better?

White Gold Engagement Rings: Nickel or Palladium Alloy?

White gold engagement rings seem like both a blessing and a curse for many people. One of the benefits of this gold is that it achieves the look of platinum at a far lower price, and of course, you can still say your engagement ring is made from gold, which has often been associated with wealth, wisdom and divinity. However, the primary problem with white gold engagement rings is that white gold is still gold – which is yellow – so in order to make it white, manufacturers must add either nickel or palladium.

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