Zen Mala Necklace Tutorial | Double Cord Method

Best Luxury Swiss Watch Models for Men – 2016

Timelessness can be preserved only with an eternal timepiece. This New Year brings a wide range of classic timepieces keeping the heritage feel and the technology at a balanced combination. Read on to know more.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Watches

The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional watches are surely the best ones to possess for all the admirers of technology with historic significance. They were adorned by the astronauts on their space mission and were known as the Moonwatch ever since.

Artificial Ear Ornaments for Indian Women

The history of Indian Jewellery started 5,000 years back as is evident from the beaded jewellery of Indus valley civilization. Apart from embellishment the jewellery had certain strong religious significance too that continues till today.

Longines Watches for Men and Women – A Blend of Class & Expertise

Since its onset in the year 1832, Longines has produced finely crafted timepieces which are an admixture of finesse, heritage and accomplishment. Every collection brought out under the brand name, has its own unique visage but the immortal elegance remains unchanged. All the watches are judged on the five basic parameters to bring out the best of the eternal yet contemporary pieces from the Swiss watch-making powerhouse.

Abundance Symbols and Jewelry

I don’t know about you, but I have always separated people in two large groups. Depending on the point of view that you consider, you may divide those groups into others, but as far as human nature is involved, there will always be two sorts of people: the people that always complain about everything in their lives and the people that always see the bright side of things.

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