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Why Jewelry Appraisals Are Essential and How to Find a Good Appraiser

Jewelry appraisal is an essential responsibility of owning fine custom jewelry. The home owners insurance that protects your jewelry from unforeseen tragedies requires regularly updated appraisals of any valuable jewelry on the premise. But that’s easier said than done. Getting your jewelry appraised can be a confusing process, with many different acronyms and confusing insurance policies to navigate. This article aims to guide you through the process, and pass along tips to make sure your jewelry appraisals are as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Common Questions About How to Sell a Diamond Ring

Want to know how to sell a diamond ring? Here are answers to some common questions about selling diamond jewelry to help you get the best price.

Surprise Your Woman With an Engraved Engagement Ring

One of the effective ways of making a more personalized ring is by engraving. Through engagement ring engraving, you may be able to have a personalized ring without altering the ring’s continuity, beauty and design. Engraving also serves as a personal remark and as a symbol of love and faithfulness cherished by two people.

How Are Photo Crystals Made?

Photo crystals are laser etched images into a crystal block. They can be done from any photo of yourself, of someone you know, of a place, building or pretty much anything you require. When you order a photo crystal, you simply need to provide the manufacturer with a high quality photo.

Diamond Shapes Complement Your Personality

Diamond shapes come with a variety of facets and depths, the differences meant to reflect or complement personalities. Choose a shape and cut appropriate to yours.

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