Bead Easy Tips & Tricks (Beads Gone Wild)

Jewelry Designing and Online Vending

There are many new designers who want to enter the jewelry market. But what is expected out of them? You don’t need to dream with your eyes open or shut. To transform your dreams into reality, you simply need to marry your knowledge to passion.

Simplistic Timepieces – Fashionable Styles That Hooked Us

If you love investing in fashion accessories, you would surely love fancy and stylish watches. However, simplistic timepieces are also very much in demand worldwide by those who love to stand out of the crowd with their statement watches. Read through to know the styles that won our hearts.

How to Choose an Art Deco Engagement Ring

Art deco engagement rings date back to 1920 through to 1935. These rings are bolder and brighter than the rings before them, making use of colors and design to create spectacular masterpieces which are guaranteed to turn heads.

Things to Remember When Choosing Antique Earrings

Choosing the perfect pair of antique earrings is definitely not an easy task. If you don’t have knowledge and experience with antique pieces then changes are you may choose an item you think is worth it’s weight in gold, when in fact you have chosen an inferior quality product that has been sitting on the shelf for months.

Important Symbols in Masonic Jewelry and Lore

Curious about Freemasons? Learn about Masonic Jewelry and the symbols commonly found in it. Seeing a skull and crossbones symbol on masonic jewelry is considered a reminder of a Mason’s mortality. It also appears often in initiation rituals.

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