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Attractive Jewelry Wire Facts

There is not just one type of jewelry wire. There are several different types of wire used to create jewelry and for each different type there are different gauges of wire. The gauge of the wire tells you how big around it is.

Save Money on Jewelry Supplies

Making fashion jewelry at home can save you a lot of money on accessories. If you have teenage girls in the home then you could really save a lot of money by crafting jewelry at home. You cannot save any money by making fashion jewelry at home if the jewelry supplies are expensive.

Smart Ways to Sell Gold Bars Profitably

Any consumer with gold bars may want to sell them some time or other. This is especially true when the spot price of gold is very favorable to enjoy a high profit. But smart consumers who want to sell gold bars must be well equipped with sufficient current knowledge to secure the best gold prices.

What Is a Living Locket?

Have you heard of the new living lockets? This article will discuss exactly what those are as compared to a traditional locket or charm bracelet.

The History And Creation of Lampwork Beads

Lampwork beads are unique jewelry making pieces that are crafted from melted glass. After the glass has been melted it is shaped by processes such as blowing to create the Lampwork beads. It has been reported that the process of making Lampwork beads was first performed sometime around the fifth century BC.

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