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Gemstones Cutting and Polishing

Cutting and polishing is mainly done by people experienced in this work in and around the gem mining areas of Sri Lanka. A gem cutter known as a lapidary converts a rough stone into a beautiful gemstone by completing three specific steps of the work, namely preforming, cutting and polishing.

Diamonds in Disguise: Three Ways How to Spot a False Diamond

Diamonds have been the most precious gems of all as they have the unmatched hardness. No other gems can surpass the durability of diamonds no matter what. Diamonds can only be cut by another diamond. Other than their durability, they are also known for their beautiful luster and color.

Affordable Engagement Rings – Lower Cost, Same Great Look!

There are several ways to find and design affordable engagement rings. Knowing the secrets to choosing and designing cheap rings is essential. Follow the advice in this article and you are sure to find a ring that makes your fiance light up, without breaking your wallet.

How to Find Authentic But Inexpensive Jewelry

Some people will tell you that finding authentic, inexpensive jewelry is just a pipe dream. They will tell you that if you want authentic, beautiful jewelry, you’re going to have to pay the expected rates to get it. You can find authentic but inexpensive jewelry, but it depends on a few things.

Tips for Wearing Pearl Jewelry

If you want to look fashionable while wearing some pearl jewelry then you need to know some tips on how to wear it. It can be worn by anyone at any age and still look good on them. There are some simple rules on how you can wear your accessory especially if it was made with pearl or has one. Here are some tips you can take into consideration.

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