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Sapphire Engagement Rings – Not Just Blue

Sapphire engagement rings don’t come in just blue. If blue is not to your liking find out here about the whole range of coloured sapphires available.

An Engagement Ring Cut Is the Most Important ‘C’

All of the ‘four Cs’ are important factors to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring. The engagement ring cut though is perhaps the most important.

How to Preserve Vintage Engagement Rings

Caring for vintage engagement rings can be a concern. Here are some tips to help you maintain your precious heirloom.

A Guide to Georgian-Inspired Vintage Engagement Rings

With so many different types of vintage engagement rings the choice can be tough. Here’s a guide to those hailing from the Georgian period.

Trendy White Gold Engagement Rings Are Top Choice

White gold engagement rings are the top choice for newly engaged couples today. Is it down to their modern sophistication and affordability?

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