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Spotlight on Aquamarine Engagement Rings

The present-day pool of engagement ring buyers can be clearly divided into two factions: the lovers of all things diamond and traditional, and those who strive to come up with something different, unique and original. This has given rise to the appearance of not only unusual stones and materials (such as stone or wood), but also a wider range of colours, which strays away from the classic hues to offer something a little more diverse and unique to the jewellery-buying public. Aquamarine engagement rings are only the latest addition to a list which also includes green gold…

Why Go For Emerald Engagement Rings?

When it comes to picking a stone, emerald engagement rings have a number of strong points going for them. Find out more below.

Famous Emerald Engagement Rings

A number of prominent celebrities throughout the years have worn emerald engagement rings. The most famous ones are noted here.

Turquoise Engagement Rings: An Overview

Turquoise engagement rings are among the many options for couples looking for more original colours for their stones and bands. Learn more here.

What Are Solitaire Engagement Rings?

There are certain things almost every woman dreams about when it comes to romantic relationships. A dashing man who treats her right and helps run the household would of course be at the top of many a bride’s list, but almost as important as these is often a shiny, sparkly diamond ring. And when the topic is fairytale engagement rings, one specific kind is almost synonymous with it in most women’s minds: the kind with a large, sparkly stone topping it.

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