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Why Panerai May Be the Watch Designers for You

The classic Panerai watch is embedded in history, first founded by Giovanni Panerai in Florence in 1860. The prestigious watchmakers was passed through the generations, later becoming an official supplier to the Royal Italian Navy, and playing a crucial role in operations during World War II. Today, the infamous Italian watch manufacturer has four major lines of watches: Historic, Contemporary, Manifatture, and Special Editions.

Who Doesn’t Want Diamond Jewelry?

Owning your own diamond jewelry can give you a sense of pride and a feeling of being loved and special. This is one woman’s perspective of how owning diamond jewelry has impacted her life.

Facts You Might Want to Know About Natural Coral Jewelry and Buying Jewelry Online

Light weight jewelry is the essentials of today’s daily fashion with ladies across the world. Whether its work, home or just a normal day out or even a date, light jewelry is the new fad.

Getting Married? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds

If you’re considering tying the knot, make sure you know all about the diamonds available to you. Learn more about your opulent options with this guide.

The Historic and Luxury Brand Known As Breitling

For some people owning a piece of history can mean collecting old antiques and trinkets; this could be an old dressing table, a timeless piece of art to hang on the wall or be as simple as collecting salt and pepper pots that our ancestors would have used. The need to own something from our history can comfort us and make us feel at one with our ancestors and days gone by. Many of us will invest huge amounts of money to ensure we get that all important collectable item to show off with the rest of…

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