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Things to Consider When Buying Gemstones

Fashion can be a thing of mystery for many, men and women alike, as you never really know what’s hot and what’s not, when the new trends kick in and who decides this things, but nevertheless people, and especially women, want and go to great lengths to be fashionable and stylish. While as far as clothing and shoes are concerned things can really be tricky, when it comes to accessories, some things never go out of style and women have it easier to stay in trend. Unique and classy jewellery have always made the trick with any outfit, especially if matched with the clothes or the shoes or any other accessories, such as the purse.

The History Of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings are among the oldest types in the world. Learn about their history in this article.

Possible Reasons For The Popularity Of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings have been going through a revival, but why exactly has that happened? We offer a few theories below.

The Most Famous Sapphire Engagement Ring Of All!

In the history of engagement jewellery, one sapphire engagement ring stands out above them all. Find out which in the article below.

Are Green Engagement Rings A Real Thing?

Many people may not believe green engagement rings are actually possible to create. Those people are wrong, as you will discover below.

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