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Trade Secrets: The Making of Glass Beads

Humans have been using glass for centuries, and glass beads have been fashioned for use in jewelry making for almost as long as that. They are inexpensive, but not tacky, and they are exceedingly versatile. This type of bead can be used in bracelets, necklaces and earrings, as well as on other fashion accessories.

What Are Bead Caps And How Are They Used?

If you do a lot of work with beads during your jewelry making, you will know that one of the staple pieces of kit that you need to buy are bead caps. However, if you have seen these caps in the bead supply store but you are not quite sure what they are, here is a quick guide to what they are and how they are used.

Find the Right Loose Diamond With Certification and Appraisal

You’ll get more value for money if you buy loose diamonds, separate from the metal mounts. Certification and appraisal are important factors in finding the right diamond; you should consider both before you commit to any purchase.

Why Plastic Beads Are a Great Way to Introduce Children to Jewelry Making

One of the latest crazes which is sweeping across America is the jewelry making hobby. Some of the reasons that jewelry making is so popular is because it is inexpensive to take up, you don’t need tons of expensive equipment to join in, the materials which you will use are inexpensive (depending on your tastes!) and it is something that everyone can have a go at, from children to adults.

Shopping For Engagement Rings Is As Easy As A, B, C

Remember the stress you felt when you bought your first car? You had to worry about a range of things, from how safe it was and how good its gas mileage was to how cool you would look in it and did it come in your favorite color. That stress is nothing compared to the flock of butterflies that erupt in your stomach every time you think about shopping for engagement rings.

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