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Solitaire Engagement Rings – A Cut Above the Rest

So you are ready to pop the question, but you have no idea how to go about weeding through the hundreds of different solitaire engagement rings that are out there, don’t fret, this article can help. There are several different solitaire rings to choose from out there and several different styles to choose from, as well. This article’s purpose is to briefly describe the things one needs to know before shopping for diamond solitaire rings.

Pearl Jewelry – How to Wear Classic Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelries are one of the most common jewelries being worn in any occasion. Pearls are very fashionable and are easier to pair with any clothes you are wearing. Despite of it being fashionable in any way, wearing such jewelries should still follow some guidelines in wearing them. Here is some tip on how you can wear your pearl jewelries.

The Secret to Finding Affordable Engagement Rings!

There are several ways consumers can buy affordable engagement rings; the trick it to know the differences that affect pricing of a ring. This article will take readers through several secret tips that one should know, when shopping for cheap engagement rings!

Benefits to Buying Loose Diamonds for Your Ring

Several advantages in deciding to buy loose diamonds, instead of opting for a preset ring design. Among these advantages are: optimal viewing, greater choice when designing your ring, and a lower cost. I will know discuss these further.

Garnet, the Often Forgotten Gemstone

The Garnet is the official birthstone for the month of January, but most of us probably wouldn’t recognize one if we saw it. Find out more about a beautiful, but often overlooked gemstone.

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