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India And Its Magnificent Temple Jewellery

Everyone knows that India is the land of diverse religions, cultures and people. However, something which garners more attention is the Indian’s undying love for beautiful jewellery. From chunky gold jewellery to a simple beaded necklace, the best thing about Indian jewellery is the variety of designs it offers. Weaving tradition and elegance, Indian jewellers create artistic unique designs which rekindles one’s love for gold. Indian ornaments are well-known for their intricate detailing, elaborate design and vibrant colourful gemstones. Although all gold jewellery in India is made with acute precision, there is something special about temple gold jewellery, which is more famous in the southern parts of India.

What Should You Avoid While Buying Diamonds?

Diamonds are precious and for buying the best diamonds from the market, one needs to be sure about several factors including the 4Cs- Clarity, Cut, Carat and Color. One should also have a few points in mind that they need to avoid while buying diamonds. They help you make an intelligent purchase at the end of the day.

Tissot and Juicy Couture Watches Are Iconic Brand Labels

Watches form an important accessory for both men and women. Today everybody is fashion conscious and follow style statements closely. There are many high-end brands that are sought after for both casual and formal wear. Juicy Couture watches is one such brand that created a storm in the world of fashion.

Some of the Admired Indian Jewellery Designs

Indian culture and customs are time-honoured and have sustained their essence all through these ages. This makes them conventional yet modern. Indian jewellery too shares the same destiny.

Buying Jewellery Online – What Are the Advantages for the Consumer

In this article I explore the online jewellery market and point out the advantages to the consumers. The retail jewellery industry has changed dramatically in recent years and the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ establishments are finding it harder to compete with an ever increasing online competition.

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