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Significance of the Mangalsutra

For a married Hindu woman, the mangalsutra is probably the most important piece of jewelry in her ensemble. This is actually a bridal jewelry piece that is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom in one of the most significant rituals of the wedding ceremony, it is the Indian equivalent of the wedding band or ring.

Choosing the Right Indian Bridal Jewellery

The importance of picking out the right jewelry cannot be stressed enough and women often place just as much importance on jewelry shopping as on clothes shopping. Obviously, the type of clothes picked out are essential to creating an elegant look but they are only a base on which certain accessories have to be added to complete the look.

Understanding Engagement Ring Cuts

When you gaze through the jeweller’s window or browse a designer’s webpages and look at the perfectly finished brilliance of the gemstones in engagement rings, it’s hard to imagine them in their rough state. It is the gem cutters, or lapidaries, who, through a long and specialised process, produce the finished stone – producing the fire and brilliance we see in today’s engagement ring cuts. Long history of lapidary Approximately 2,300 years BC, India was producing cut and simply faceted gemstones, and it is possible that gem cutting and faceting had its origins here.

Hatton Garden – The Heart of London Engagement Ring Specialists

Hatton Garden is a haven for jewellers in London. Engagement ring designers specialising in precious gemstones can help you create your perfect ring.

Bulova Watch History

Learn all about the history of Bulova watches in less than 5 minutes. From the time that the company was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, to the numerous milestones achieved by the company including the development and manufacture of the Bulova Accutron which revolutionized the watch making industry by being the first electronic watch with an accuracy that was much better than that of the mechanical watches available at that time.

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