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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Increase the Value and Wearability of Heirloom Jewelry

Let’s say you have a collection of gorgeous rings, earrings or necklaces you adore. It’s a montage of items you’ve collected through the years-a personal diary of your life. Perhaps they were gifts attached with fond memories of family and friends.

Why Charm Bracelets Are Popular Gifts for Women

For many years, jewelry has been incredibly popular as a suitable gift for women. Women love jewelry because it makes them feel special, beautiful, and worthy of such a unique piece of art that can be worn. Charm bracelets have been successful as gifts because they not only do what another piece of jewelry does, but they can commemorate a special occasion as well.

How Diamond Color Variations Impact Value

The diamonds that we most commonly see in jewelry stores, and especially as rings on the left hands of married or engaged women, are what appear to be clear or colorless diamonds. While whiter diamonds are more abundantly mined around the world, there does, in fact, exist a wide variety of diamond colors. Interestingly, a diamond’s color can either detract from or add to its value. Diamonds that are considered white diamonds are graded on the international GIA color scale with ‘colorless’ considered the most valuable and all others measured against that most purely clear diamond color. The more yellowish hue a ‘clear’ diamond has, the more its value decreases. However, in nature, there have been found much more rare pink, blue and even black, brown and red diamonds, and the more intense their color, the more they dramatically go up in value.

Cash for Gold: Tips to Avoid Things

Trading in gold for cold hard cash has begun to really take off as a trend, leaving many Americans rushing into deals to get their gold melted down and recycled. One of the problems is that if you are not accurately educated on the subject, you can easily end up getting scammed.

Understanding the Basics Behind Diamond Jewelry

Many people think that the more sparkle there is to a diamond, the more expensive and better it is. Diamonds are actually graded based on a diamond grading system we know as the four Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat. Read on to learn more about the diamond and why it will last forever.

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