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Custom Made Engagement Rings With Promise

Not all promises are created equal. When you borrow your neighbor’s lawn mower, a simple “have it back to you tomorrow” will suffice. But when you’re promising the one you love that you’ll stand by their side until your dying day, a pinky swear won’t cut it.

Spell Bound: In Search of Magical Engagement Ring Designs

Are you looking to add some mystery and intrigue to your relationship? If your idea of magic involves picking a card, any card, your loved one may disappear in a puff of smoke. Fortunately, there are some gems and metals with a mystical quality that even the priciest diamond would be hard-pressed to match. Incorporate one of them in your engagement ring designs or other custom jewelry to show her that, even when she thinks there are no more surprises, you still have a trick up your sleeve.

Loose Diamonds: Educate Yourself Before You Invest

If you are in the market for a loose diamond, then you should be informed as to what exactly you are getting yourself into. Certified loose diamonds are provided by your jeweler in order to guarantee that you are getting the diamond that is described in the report. This is great for insurance purposes and also gives you all of the specific details of your lovely stone.

Off The Chart Diamonds

Diamonds are normally graded on clarity and color. However, when the color of a diamond falls off the color chart, it becomes known as a fancy diamond. In this article I’ll explore stones whose color and character literally fall “off the chart”.

Luxury Silver Engagement Rings

Silver has been used in jewelry making for centuries and it is also well known as a precious metal prized for its brilliance and value. In early civilizations, silver represented wealth and social standing. Soon it was discovered that silver could be fashioned into coins, decorations, and jewelry. In these days, silver is perhaps the most widely used metal in many different styles of luxury jewelry. Many luxury-minded people have discovered the beauty and elegance silver provides.

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